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Since 2005 I have been visiting more than 430 ancient greek and roman theatres around 18 countries, taking photographs and information. These blog is dedicated to all that experience.

Desde 2005 he visitado más de 430 teatros y odeones, griegos y romanos en 18 países, tomando fotografías y recopilando información. Este blog está dedicado a toda esta experiencia.

Friday, 17 June 2011

Sikyon (Kiato)

SIKYON (Kiato), ancient Corinth / Argolis/ Achaea, modern Greece.

COORDINATES: 37º59’02.97’’N // 22º42’40.88’’E
TIPOLOGY: Greek theatre. Urban.
DATE: First half III B.C.
TRANSFORMATIONS: Last I B.C. or first I A.D. the scene building was rebuilt.
CAPACITY: 7.000 ? spectators.
CAVEA: 125 m. diameter. Facing north-east. Nine rows of seats survives in ima cavea but the total number of rows was about 60, most of which were cut from the rock..
ORCHESTRA: 24,3 m. diameter. In proedria there are honor seats.
STAGE BUILDING: Proscaenium was 3,25 m. high; the Hellenistic stage 23,7 x 3 m. but was transformed in roman times. Stage building was 24,5x 12,1 m.
LOCATION: Ancient Sikyon is about 4 klm. from modern Kiato, and about 17 klm. north-west from Corinth.
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OUT OF PRINT: Sikyon has always broke my breath. In two ways. First, it was one of those theatres I always wanted to visit. The other reason... there is a film by Akira Kourosawa in which the Japanese director show us seven dreams that he had in his life, in one of them a group of polar expeditionary are in the meddle of a storm, they can hardly walk, by effects of cold and fatigue, their slowness is extreme, and the interpretation and the film is so good that me, like spectator, when I saw the film I started to have trouble with my breath... that what I felt in Sikyon´s ancient theatre, problems to breath, a mixture of pleasure and fatigue... not good to visit a greek theatre with forty degrees, at two in the afternoon, in July...

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