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Since 2005 I have been visiting more than 430 ancient greek and roman theatres around 18 countries, taking photographs and information. These blog is dedicated to all that experience.

Desde 2005 he visitado más de 430 teatros y odeones, griegos y romanos en 18 países, tomando fotografías y recopilando información. Este blog está dedicado a toda esta experiencia.

Tuesday, 20 September 2011

Termantia Therme (Tiermes)

TERMANTIA THERME (Tiermes), ancient Tarraconensis, modern Spain.
COORDINATES: 41º19’46.67’’N // 3º08’48.20’’O
TIPOLOGY: Iberan or Roman Theatron.
DATE: I a.C or I d.C.
CAPACITY: 2.000 spectators.
CAVEA: Facing south. It´s rectilinear but it has not a regular shape. The theatre is carved on rock, but there are remains of masonry for a second maeniana. Ima cavea with 9 rows of seats, buy unknown rows in summa. The theatre was used for public or religious propose. There´s a drainage system, consisting of several channels carved on the rock. In summer the rock cavea is used for performances.
ORCHESTRA: An open area, trapezoidal, 200 x 80 m.
STAGE BUILDING: There´s no traces of it.
LOCATION: Close to “Sun gate”

OUT OF PRINT: It´s said that Salvador Dalí was inspired by the topography of Cadaqués to paint his creations. I say that he probably knew the cavea of Tiermes, or maybe he was the sculptor of the rows of seats.

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