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Since 2005 I have been visiting more than 430 ancient greek and roman theatres around 18 countries, taking photographs and information. These blog is dedicated to all that experience.

Desde 2005 he visitado más de 430 teatros y odeones, griegos y romanos en 18 países, tomando fotografías y recopilando información. Este blog está dedicado a toda esta experiencia.

Wednesday, 12 June 2013

Nysa (Sultanhisar)

NYSA (Sultanhisar), ancient Caria / Asia Minor, modern Turkey.

COORDINATES: 37º54’05.44’’N // 28º08’49.30’’E
TIPOLOGY: Bouleuterion / Greek odeon. Urban.
TRANSFORMATIONS: Rebuilt in half II A.D.
CAPACITY: 650 spectators.
CAVEA: Facing south. 12 rows of seats in 4 cunei.
ORCHESTRA: 7,2 m. diameter.
STAGE BUILDING: Proscaenium was 0,8 m. high. pulpitum 24,7x3,1 m. Statues of Marcus Aurelius, Lucius Verus and two Faustinas from scaenae frons.
LOCATION: In north west corner of agora.
MY BEDSIDE TABLE: Izenour, George. Roofed Theaters of Classical Antiquity. Yale University Press, 1992.// Sear, Frank; “Roman theatres: an architectural study”. Oxford University Press, 2006.// Ciancio Rossetto, Paola; Giuseppina Pisani Sartorio (eds); “Teatri Greci e Romani: alle origini del linguaggio rappresentato”. Rome: SEAT, 1995.//  Bean, George; “Turkey beyond the Maeander”. London, Ernst Benn, 1971.

OUT OF PRINT: Two times in different years I was in ancient Nysa, two times I meet the rain. A slow rain that showed me the ancient theatre, the stadium and the bouleuterion. I sat in the steps of it, hearing the rain monologue, a slow monologue that  comfort.


  1. Si uno escribiera su biografía con los sitios en los que ha oído llover, tú llevarías varios cuerpos de ventaja.