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Since 2005 I have been visiting more than 430 ancient greek and roman theatres around 18 countries, taking photographs and information. These blog is dedicated to all that experience.

Desde 2005 he visitado más de 430 teatros y odeones, griegos y romanos en 18 países, tomando fotografías y recopilando información. Este blog está dedicado a toda esta experiencia.

Friday, 20 May 2011

Aspendos (Belkis)

ASPENDOS (Belkis), ancient Pamphylia, modern Turkey.

COORDINATES: 36º56’20.28’’ N // 31º10’20.28’’ E
TIPOLOGY: Roman theatre. Not urban.
DATE: Half II A.D. The architect Zeone built it between 161-168.
TRANSFORMATIONS: Porticus in summa cavea was built after.
CAPACITY: 7.000 spectators.
CAVEA: Facing east. 95 m. diameter. More than semicircle. Maenianum: Ima cavea have 21 row of seats in 9 cunei. Summa cavea 20 rows in 20 cunei. the seats at the top end of ima have stone backs. There are a preserve porticus in summa cavea.
ORCHESTRA: 24 m. diameter.
STAGE BUILDING: All the sacenae frons wall is preserved, only the columns and the pulpitum are left. It has five doors. Versurae are preserved too, the same that postscaenium.
LOCATION: Aspendos is 3 klm. north-east of moden Belkis, 32 klm. east from ancient Perge and 40 from Antalya.
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OUT OF PRINT: Aspendos is the best preserved ancient theatre with Bosra (Syria) and Orange (France). These three ones roman theatres conserve completely the stage building. I spent some hours walking slowly by the rows of seats the two times I visited Aspendos, for me it was like to be in the Vatican of the ancient poets, like being in the centre of the ancient world. The silence I felt in Aspendos was mystical, as I afraid with my steps to cause a disturbing echo. For me the capital of Turkey is Aspendos, the best jewel in the country that ancient theatres grew like sunflowers.

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